Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Picture hopefully.

Charles & Edna Townsend

This is a picture that was taken by Jim Henry while we were having breakfast with them at Dorry Cafe. He had to take Gin to the hospital that day and we had some of they negatives that we wanted to give back. Dorothy Townsend was there also. It had been raining a bit that day. Well I want to see how this will look on my webpage.Chuck and Edna Townsend

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Panoramas that I been working on.

Hello All. As you can see but the sample that I put on my website here, you can tell by looking just below this post, I have been pretty busy. We been going to different places and taking pictures so that I could make the panoramas that I am putting on Puzz's website. The name of the site is; You can go to that site and see my other pictures plus you will be able to see panoramas that the other members are putting on. What the owner of the website (Puzz) is trying to do is get enough members so that he will be able to panoram the world. Big Job, Right? So far we only have a few members. What I was thinking was that if I put a panorama on my site, maybe other will see the link and follow it to Puzz's site and become a member also. Once you become a member, you can put your own panoramas on the site and you will be able to vote on the different panoramas. This way we will be able to see just which panoramas are being look at and just which one's are the best. If enough people will help, it shouldn't be too long before we have panoramas for all over the world. Thanks for stopping by. Chuck Townsend

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Link to other site. Townsend Place

Sunday, March 2, 2008

This could be the start of something big. First off I had a couple of blog's and I made the mistake of signing out. Once I did that I found that the only way that I could get back to my homepages and be able to make any changes in them was to sign up for a Google account. The way it stands right now, I have a new blog going and at this point I haven't tried to sign into my other accounts. Hopefully I will not loose all the information that I have on those sites. Only time will tell.
The project that I have been working on lately is on the site, It is a site where you can make panorama pictures and put them on that site. Once the pictures are on the site, you can see the location of the pictures on a map. I put the location of all the pictures on Google Earth. Mine and all the other panoramas that was on that site. Once on Google Earth, I could zoom in on all the locations. I put a pin to mark the locaton with the person name that made the panorama. This way, I was able to look at the different areas and see just which member was in the area that I was looking at. I could also see just how many panoramas that person had.
At this time I have something like maybe 7 or 8 on that site. I haven't been able to get out to take the pictures that I need to make the panoramas. I had some old ones the I made 5 or 6 years ago. I found the pictures that I used at that time. I used the new panorama software that I bought and remade the panoramas.
Before I started this project, I was into scanning pictures negatives. I scanned all of my sisters negatives and burnt them on either cds or dvds. I sent all the families a copy of the pictures. Let me tell you, scanning 50 year of colored and black&white negative is a bunch. It sure did bring back a lot of old memories. Especially since several of my family members has passed away. We were a very large family. I had 6 brothers and 6 sisters. I was right in the middle with 6 older and 6 younger. I had 2 sister and 4 brothers that have passed away. So you can see how scanning all those pictures would bring back a few memories.
The project that I had going before that, we were into buying vhs movies at the swapmeet. I would burn the movies on dvds. We spent about 3 years doing that. Something like 3000 movies or so. To keep track of the movies that we had I used Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Frontpage to store the movie. They are indexed so that we don't have any problem finding the movie that we want. I also had it set up in the Frontpage so that I could click on a movie and it would take me to the website that had the information about the movie with all the actors names. That was one big project.
Before that about all we did was go out to yardsales and go to the swapmeet 4 or 5 times a week. I have found a lot of good stuff doing that. Now my problem is finding all the good junk that I bought. LOL. I bought all kinds of computer stuff. You name it and I have bought it. Of course, I bought it secondhanded. A person save a lot of money that way. The set up that I have right now is, a 2000 mhz emachine, a 2800 Sony machine and a new 333 mhz computer that I built myself. I put a dl dvd burner in it plus a lot of other goodies. All of the computers that I have, I have networked together. That way I can share all the equipment and software.
I all most forgot, when I was talking about equipment, when I was doing the negatives the way I got started doing that, I was at the swapmeet and saw this little negative scanner. I wouldn't have known what it was if I hadn't seen one when I was surfing the internet. I bought it for $4 dollars. I had to spent a little or lot of time looking on the internet for the information that I needed to get it set up. I had to find the drivers and the software. All of this was free once I found it. It was a Nikon ls 2000. I use it for 3 or 4 months before I found this other little negative scanner, a Primefilm pf 1800. This scanner was nice to scan the new 35 mm film. It had a track feed and I was able to find the drivers and software for it too. I started using the free for use software that worked real good. It left watermarks on the pictures. This wasn't good so I had to kick out some loot and buy the software. It cost around $50 but in the long run it was well worth it. I got to looking and I found that I couldn't scan the old black and white negatives, so once again on the internet I go looking for a scanner that would do the job. I figured that I didn't have that much invested so I bought one off the eBay that cost $150. A lot of money for me, but I close my eyes and did it anyway. This scanner would scan about any negative that you could throw at it. I found that it would scan the little 110 negatives. My sisters had a lot of those type negatives. Well so much for pictures.
I am hoping to be able to put the panorama and a lot of other type pictures and maybe a video to two. I think I will close this for now and see what it looks like on my website. Chuck